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Concrete Calculator

Concrete Calculator


Standard Mixes

We provide a range of standard concrete mixes using a range of aggregate sizes and quality Portland cement. Concrete ranging in strength for all applications such as:

  • House slabs
  • Driveways
  • Footings
  • Tilt panels
  • Pump Jobs
  • Council Crossovers

Custom Mixes

Need a customized mix or have a special project? Call one of our experienced staff today to discuss how we can help you get your job done. Any type of concrete for any requirement.

  • High strength mixes
  • Pump mixes
  • Cement slurry
  • Specialized additives
  • Waterproofing agents
  • Fast or slow setting

Coloured Concrete

We supply concrete in a wide range of colours which can be added to any mix. To choose a colour we recommend coming in a viewing a color chart or visiting the Concrete Colour Systems website for more information.

DIY Advice

Are you a DIY handyman or woman? Do you only need a small amount? Unsure how to order or get your job done? Call us and we can provide you with a competitive price for any size load along with helpful DIY advice so your concrete looks like it was laid by a professional!

Concrete Sealers

We also supply a range of concrete sealers to suit all types of concrete jobs. Sealers come in a range of colors or standard clear coat finish.